"Painting is like disappearing into another world, a beautiful world."

Arno Jung

10.08.1948 Born in Fischbach near to Kaiserslautern
10.09.2005 Beginning of painting in Heerenveen at Mrs. Tineke Welling
January 2006

Participating in a course at Veronika Olma “Painting with Egg Tempera”

Apart from that No prior knowledge in painting

Fischbach / Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Strasbourg / France
Fanö / Denmark

Other painting bases Barcelona / Spanien
Kunsthaus Brühl / Hessen, Germany
Donegal / Irland
Casablanca / Marokko

Sales and loan collection Dänemark - Silkebourg Esbjerg Fano
Germany – Arround Kaiserslautern und Stuttgart
Frankreich - Dep Alsace , Rohne , Bourgogne
Spanien - Barcelona
Maroko - Casablanca
Australien - Melbourne
Senegal - Dakar
Holland - Heerenveen


After a technical training I stretched out my feeler into the neighbouring country France where I was working in Chateroux as well as Toulouse from 1968 to 1972. In the same time I acquired the French language in addition to English.
After this time I had the pleasure to work in approx. 58 countries – Europe, Africa, Middle East and a bit of Asia. Thereby I caught – beside malaria – a 3rd foreign language “Arabic”.

1972-1973 I met my later wife Gerda the first time and married her the 1st July 1973. From this marriage 2 children followed – Inger and Torsten.

After a 32 years long blessed marriage my dear wife Gerda died in the age of almost 58 years on May 21, 2005.  

This act of God directed me to rethink basically and with the help of our good friend Tineke from Holland I came onto the road of painting. A quite fantastic other world: caring, coloured and bright, meditatively, lifelike, impressionistic – a recreational world.

In this short period from 10th September 2005 till today different paintings developed. I revive motives memorized during my travellings and bring them to paper. It can be seen sunrises und sundowns, dessert images, northern lights, spring scenery, abstracts, portraits, hands, seasides, the sea, seagulls and much more.

My paintings are made with pastel chalk only. No other tools - only my hands are the instruments - so I can feel what I paint. It occurs more and more frequently that I have the feeling to be in the painting - and it’s a great emotion.

For the end of my story I wish to be able to paint for a very long time so that I can reproduce my impressions.

Arno Jung - PICARNO